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Welcome to Dreamcatcher Meadow, home of DC Meadow Dairy Goats
Raising top-quality Alpines, Lamanchas, Nubians and Saanens.
Located in Anza, CA
(858) 248-2147 - please call AFTER noon Pacific Time, I work late and sleep late. Leave a VERY CLEAR message WITH your PHONE NUMBER so I can return your call! Email is best, if I have any free time it's usually around 4 am, not the ideal time for a phone call . If you do not receive a call back within 24 hours, please try email, or try to call again. I now have text messaging, but please note that my replies will be brief and to the point because my flip phone does not have a keyboard.

Our breeding program is founded with proven bloodlines for excellent milk production and high appraisal scores, and we will build from there. Once our foundation animals are in place the herd will be closed, with the exception of an occasion buck purchased for new blood to prevent inbreeding. We will be incorporating the use or Artificial Insemination (A/I) into the herd over the next few years to help expand the foundation's gene pool, using a variety of top sires. Although we no longer show, we remain focused on producing a well-balanced, heavy-milking goat with the ability to excel in the show ring. We raise top quality alpines, lamanchas, nubians and saanens.

RANCH NEWS! Updated 03/17/17:
Please note that I am having problems with my web host compatibility to upload new photos. They discontinued their relationship with the photo server and the program my site is written with, and of course didn't bother to tell me. At this point I will need to scrap this website and start over completely, as soon as I have time to. For now, photos available by email.
Kidding season is here, but with a number of does not cooperating with my breeding schedule, the bulk of the herd is due in May and June.
We have been searching for an "affordable" larger property closer to town for a while now. Not finding anything, we have decided that we will build the dairy at our current location just to get started, and move up in a few years. After all, Starbucks started with one coffee cart.
Breaking news! The saanens are coming! The first are arriving late March.
We have collected three of our herdsires with Biogenics, semen now available from:
*B Blue Moon Ranch SMT Gryffindor (L)
*B Shining-Moon Fast-Track Dancer (AA)
Pella's Triple C Royal Color (N)

2017 KIDDING CHART NOW AVAILABLE, please see sales page. We are now accepting reservations for 2017 kids. We plan to retain many March and April doe kids, but if more doelings are born than we need to retain for the dairy herd, the additional kids will be available.